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The maps consider the time span between 1995 (and, if relevant, before that) and today, with the former date marking the beginning of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (also called Barcelona Process) that entailed a growing institutionalisation of relations. The colour scaling in the map represents the degree of cooperation between the EU and MENA countries in a specific policy field, with darker colours denoting a higher degree of cooperation. The scaling has been obtained by classifying each agreement, working arrangement or cooperation programme between the EU and each partner country according to the categories defined above, while assigning a numeric value according to their significance for the intensity of cooperation. The sum of the obtained scores determines the shade of colour. Bilateral agreements between EU member states and MENA countries are represented by arrows connecting the partners (bilateral relations in the trade sector are not considered due to the centrality of the EU). Cooperation between NATO and single MENA states is also represented by arrows. See more details on the ‘scoring system’ 


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