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The data on these pages seek to take stock of the plethora of cooperation patterns across different issue-areas that characterise relations between the EU and the MENA countries, that is, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, the Palestinian territories, Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey. Comprising both highly politicised and rather technical issue-areas and involving both territorial and functional or legal borders, the fields under investigation include [security], [migration], [trade and internal market], and [transport]. In the different sectors, the legal framework and different types of cooperation programmes and activities were considered. Read more..




Data and Maps:  


Trade and internal market






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The maps are an attempt to visualize the extensive data on EU-MENA cooperation across different issue-areas collected so far. Based on expert interviews and extensive deliberation processes, numeric values were assigned to different patterns of EU-MENA cooperation, expressing different degrees of intensity. Due to the usual challenges when seeking to assess social reality in a quantitative manner, together with the vast array of cooperation programmes funded through various EU budget lines, the involvement of different actors in the implementation of those programmes, and the partly difficult access to reliable data, the maps are work in progress, without any claim on comprehensiveness. Read more..

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